-I have never experienced a treatment from a chiropractor before February 16th, 2010. I called and made an appointment to see Dr. Amy Crum with Greenbrier Family Chiropractic for ongoing neck pain. Just going for a few maintenance visits for the pain, I began noticing a dramatic change in the way my back, upper and lower portions was beginning to feel. I even began to experience less problems with leg pain and of course my neck.

Not even being treated for an entire month, I feel like a brand new person. I am noticing more energy and having less stress, plus a more positive attitude. My one-on-one visits to the Greenbrier Family Chiropractic has been most pleasant. They have accepted me into their workplace and also accepted my insurance. The best part is that this has all been hassle free.

I feel Dr. Amy has given me the best experiences possible. All of their employees create a welcoming environment as a customer. They have shown me excellent service and even greater results.

Thank you Dr. Amy

Brenda Whitener

“I can’t imagine going back to feeling like I did before I started recieving chiropractic care through Dr Joe and Amy Crum. I was waking up with back pain, and by the time dinner was over, I was not able to do anything but lie on the floor. Now, as long as I am careful about my posture, and get regular adjustments, I am relatively pain free. Chiropractics is not an instant magic cure but after a couple of months of treatment, the results were dramatic.

Thank you
-Fred Ablondi

I have been coming to Greenbrier Family Chiropractic office for about a month. When I used to walk up stairs I would have alot of aches and pains, now there is none.

When I used to roll over in bed at night I would hurt, and now I don’t.

I would highly recommend anyone coming to Greenbrier Family Chiropractic. They are very good.

Thank you,
-Loretta Blacksmith